Perfect Picnic

Truth be told, Seattle doesn't pose the best year round setting for a romantic picnic. In fact, rain saturated parks might even deter you from that leisurely outdoor meal with your special someone. Yet, should you indulge in this romantic venture, check out the latest picnic accessories from Red Envelope.

How clever is this? A miniature picnic table designed to actually stick into the grass, serves not only as the centerpiece for your feast, but also the steadying foundation for attached wine bottle and glass holders. Ingenious design so you can actually enjoy your romantic rendezvous! Why didn't I think of that?

image via designcrush


Unknown said...

if only the rain would stop!

Nicole Marie said...

That is ingenious

Persian Tea said...

how clever!! i cannot wait to start packing picnics...why do we still have rain, clouds, and GREY in JUNE?...sheesh.