Umbrella Chic

Seattleites are notorious for not carrying umbrellas. And while I consider myself very Seattle through and through, I find that I do turn to the saving grace of an umbrella in other cities, though they never seem to last... Case and point, I bought a cheap $5.00 umbrella at Duane Reade in NYC after getting caught in an impromptu torrential downpour (which the wind pulled inside-out and ruined within 5 minutes).
Hence - finding a lovely little umbrella is a quest of mine, though I never have much luck. I find that when it comes to forking over $40 for an umbrella, I have a hard time justifying my cause. However, I do like this red polka dot umbrella, very reminiscnent of the chic one Audrey Tautou carries in Amelie.


I ♥ You said...

totally adorable. i love happy umbrellas!

Grassyllama said...

I got my finger pinched in the thing that you push to make the umbrella go up...ever since I avoid them. That's red polka dot one is cute, though.