If I Weren't A Teacher...

...I would love to be a travel personality. As cheesy as it sounds - I would love to host a travel TV show, following in the fabulous footsteps of international jet setters Samantha Brown & Anthony Bourdain. They have the best jobs ever!If those names are foreign to your ears - Samantha Brown hosts "Passport to Europe," and the latest "Passport to Latin America." Half hour segments where she frequents exotic locales, indulges in the cuisine, the people, and culture. Her Travel Channel counterpart, a little rougher around the edges, chef-turned-travel writer Anthony Bourdain takes exploring to a new level in the hour-long, "No Reservations." Here, Bourdain ventures off the beaten path, and gets down and dirty with the locals, to discover authentic cuisine, everyday people's past times, and nightlife void of tourists.

Wouldn't it be fun to eat gourmet food, sightsee, and travel the world everyday for free? Sign me up!images/travelchannel
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