Critical Review

Most of the TV shows I follow, (sans LOST) are easy-to-watch, frivolous indulgences, that are usually appealing for one of the following reasons...
a). great fashion
b). juicy plot twists
c). catty girl drama

These shows are my guilty pleasures, part of my end of the day rest and relax routine. However, I find it amusing to read how the critics interpret my gossip-ridden girly shows. Here's what the NY Times has to say about a few of my favorites: Gossip Girl, The Hills, and the Real Housewives of NYC.

"Gossip Girl” focuses on worldly little girls who join forces against one another. The series, along with such like-minded shows as the MTV semireality show “The Hills” and a cautionary senior edition, “The Real Housewives of New York City,” are focused on friends, and most of all on frenemies. They are so postfemininist that they circle back not just to “Mean Girls,” but to the pre-Friedan era of Clare Boothe Luce and Rona Jaffe.

Thanks to Brilliant Asylym for the heads up on the article. Pretty entertaining.


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Brilliant Asylum said...

Great minds...

I am dying without my shows right now!