Baby Love

Jessica Alba just became the latest celebrity to indulge in the timeless trend of unusual baby names. The Times announced her latest addition is...(drum roll please)...Honor. Yes, Honor. As in love, honor, and obey - although I'm pretty sure no one says the obey part anymore. Jessica's baby's full name is Honor Marie Warren.

Guessing she'll fit in fabulously with the other celeb tots. Can't say I'm surprised, she does have a father named Cash. What do you think about the newest Hollywood bambino? Any thoughts?

P.S. Don't you love her outfit in this picture? Cutest baby bump ever!



Grassyllama said...

I think the name SUCKS.

Nice blog, btw...I plan on becoming a regular reader!

Sara Bradshaw said...

Hi Michelle,
I was so suprised (happy suprised) to see your comment on my blog because 1) I didn't think anybody read / saw it (knew of it's existence) other than my own family. I was well chuffed! To answer your question: we are ex-pats (from Sydney, Australia) who have lived here for 2 1/2 years. My husband runs the most British of all institutions - Lord's Cricket Ground (a real honour - especially for a non-Brit). We get to do and see the most wonderful things because of this that is so far apart from our life in Oz (which was pretty damn good but we didn't get to do things like go to Wimbledon and be seated in the Royal Box - which we will be doing in the next couple of weeks so watch this space). Now a couple of questions from me (when you have time to answer of course).
- How did you know I visited your blog (I am so new and completely computer-retarded when it comes to these things - but the curiosity is pretty much killing me).
- I love your blog and your header. Did you have it done professionally? So lovely (appropriately).
See ya :)
Sara (Cricketfamily)

~a of SkanksForNothing said...

I like the name. I know someone with the name and I think its pretty and unique. Nice Blog! ;)

Sara Christine said...

OMG seriously?! That was one of my names! Now I can't use it or I risk copying JESSICA ALBA. How sad.

(Umm...I just publicly admitted to naming my unborn children...shoot me) :)