Going Gray

I've decided to paint our bedroom. Now this poses a challenge when you live in a house that's already bold with color. When I bought this house last year, part of what drew me to the place was the color within. While I've always liked bold colors in theory, I didn't know if I'd ever have to guts to paint a wall such a statement color myself. But, as it turned out, I moved into a house already cloaked in deep reds and greens.

Initially I had thought we'd paint the bedroom with a cream or light tan color. Casual and cozy, right? I taped color swatches to the wall for a few weeks, but nothing looked just right. So instead in an effort to keep up with our unique house, we decided on a pale gray with blue and white accents. I haven't seen many gray bedrooms but I found some inspiring photos (see above) that give me hope!

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