2016 Goals Recap

Here were my goals for 2016.  Here's how I did...

upgrading our guest bathroom
Well, started this upgrade.  Accomplished tasks: painted cabinets. Painted walls. Removed paneling and old fixtures.  Refreshed with new rug and shower curtain. Unaccomplished tasks: Upgrading countertops and backsplash.  Some progress, but would've loved to have finished the job.

+ be healthier
I feel like this one is a victory.  I've cut out a lot of sugar in my daily life, including but not limited to switching from flavored yogurts to plain whole milk yogurt, making homemade pasta sauce (instead of buying jarred), making homemade soups.  We no longer buy gallons of ice cream and instead treat ourselves to air popped popcorn with coconut oil and salt or a few squares of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine after dinner.  I haven't given up everything processed, but I feel like as a whole my family is eating much less sugar, sodium, and more veggies and greens than ever before.  Yay!

+ fasting
Well...I thought about it.  I've decided to make some hard and fast rules about drive-thru coffee and social media for myself for 2017.  Stay tuned...

+ focus on gratitude
I began the 5 minute journal in late 2015 and love the concept, but I needed something quicker and more concise.  Instead I bought a blank notebook and write down one thing I'm thankful for every night.  Often times it's the obvious; my kids, my health, my husband, friends, etc. but sometimes it's random things like "AAA" which also is fun to reread, giving me some context of that day in my life. Focusing on the good upon going to sleep up adds a sense of purpose, closure and reminds me to focus on what's really important day to day.

How did you do on your resolutions/goals for 2016?

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