Dinner Last Night: Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Pozole

Smitten Kitchen, move aside, Half Baked Harvest might officially be my new favorite food blog. Thus far, everything made from this site has been a huge hit!  Another plus is the enormous archives of crockpot recipes they boast!  Including this one, crockpot salsa verde chicken pozole.

I modified a few things to cut down the prep time including baking poblanos instead of sautéing in order to loosen skins for peeling.  I also used canned tomatillos and pureed without sautéing which recipe recommends. However, I feel it still turned out superb for a healthy, hearty dinner.

Our garnishes were not nearly as fancy as this beautiful photograph, we opted for a few tortilla chips and avocado slices on top and dug right in.  Wasn't sure if this would be a hit with the kiddos, but my son loved it too, he kept digging his spoon into his baby bowl for more (always a sign of a good dinner!).


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