Looking Ahead to 2009

Looking ahead to the new year...I have a few goals for myself for the New Year. A few carried over from last year since I wasn't able to accomplish everything on my 2008 list (so much to do, so little time)... 1. Travel somewhere amazing! And it must be outside of North America (I'm not going to limit myself to Europe alone, but that would be my destination du jour) 2. Run a half marathon - this is the year! (I was slated to do another triathlon in 2008, but I broke my pinky toe - of all the bones to break)... 3. Save money for my own place...While I have a fabulous apartment, I'd love to have my own place, that allows pets so I can get a little furry friend. 4. Treat myself to nice restaurants, good wine, and not-so-practical-but-have-to-have accessories (every once in a while...) 5. Make more of an effort to get groups of friends together more often. Any of these happen to fall on your lists as well?? image/rodneysmith
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