Goals for 2015

Following my own traditions, I prefer to make goals for the new year instead of resolutions. 

+ worry less
I worry about everything.  I worry about my daughter, my husband, my parents, my friends.  I worry about illness.  I worry about my students.  I worry about the emails I get from their parents.  I worry about what could happen, did happen, or won't happen.  I've been told I worry more than the average person.  I am so sick of worry.  Time and time again I'm told "don't worry," and I wish it were that simple, that I could just flip a switch and my worries would vanish, or at least be dimmed and muted.  Hence, this my goal for 2015, do whatever I can to worry less.  I would say "don't worry," but I know that's inevitable.  Baby steps.

+ read more books
I used to read all the time. Then I became a mother and my reading quota declined significantly.  Which is expected of course, but I do truly enjoy reading and would like it to become a more frequent activity.  According to my goodreads account, I only read 2 books in 2014.  Gasp!  That is peanuts for me.  The moral of that story is read more in 2015.

+ get outside
With my darling now walking - more like running - I want to take advantage of our fair weather and get outside more often.  Whether that be a stroll around the neighborhood or a hike on a nearby trail, my goal for this year is to spend more time outside as a family than we did in 2014.

+ try and shop/spend locally
I feel like this is a buzz phrase right now, so bear with me.  And one might argue, well in Seattle, Starbucks and Amazon are local…right? But seriously, when I think about my year, I recall way too many frequencies in the drive-thru Starbucks line.  I'd like to change that.  This year, I'd like to strive to buy produce at Farmer's Market during the Spring/Summer months when the pickings are better.  Aim to try and buy coffee and snacks at local establishments rather than always relying on Starbucks to stifle my hunger or thirst with a quick fix.  

+ other random goals and ideas
…successfully make a poached egg
…memorize a recipe for homemade pie crust
…wait to get to work to check email (i.e. not right when I wake up)
…drink more water
…finish baby book 

What are your goals or resolutions for 2015?

* * *

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heather said...

Go Michelle! :)

I like it. I decided to bag the goals this year. I've been in a funk, so that is really my only goal -- get out of it!