January Favorites

Phew, the month of January flew by!  I still have yet to post my 2017 goals/resolutions...eek.  Better get on that!  In the mean time, here is a roundup of a few of my favorite things from the month.

+ Young House Love's coloring book (thought I wasn't an adult coloring book kind of fan, and just realized I'm not into nature scenes).  Coloring a cozy living room or elegant dining room is much more my scene.  Also loving these pens for coloring.

+ watching The Crown on Netflix - slow to start but after an episode or two it really picks up

+ another Netflix rec - St. Vincent.  This movie didn't seem appealing to me upon first glance, but my husband insisted, and I ended up really enjoying it.

+ the meditation app Headspace, trying to focus more on mindfulness, deep relaxing breathing, and essentially zoning in on the good and blocking out all the bad (especially in today's current world).  Enjoying this app and its guidance.

+ finding myself getting into a bunch of YA novels, enjoying the quick pace which lends itself to a faster read.  Polished off Winger in about 5 days (which was recommended to me by my friend and former librarian colleague)

+ this blue shade of Essie nail polish to cheer on the Seahawks during the playoffs

+ playing this pancake game with my 3-year old, so much enthusiasm!

Any January favorites for you?



Thao said...

I really like The Crown! I didn't think I would honestly, because it was so slow paced, but it's really engrossing. I keep feeling so freaked out that many of these people are STILL LIVING. Crazy.

Diana Mieczan said...

I've been using Headspace for a while now and it's SO good! Also, that blue nail polish hue looks beautiful! Happy February:) xoxo

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