2011 in Review

Can you believe it's already 2012? I feel like we just partied like it was 1999! That was 11 years ago, crazy, right?!

2011 Goals in Review

+ Travel somewhere new (always the top of my list)
YES! New destinations: New Orleans, Denver, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Join a yoga studio and go consistently
Um...not quite. Went to a few hot yoga classes, but definitely didn't go "consistently..." Next year?

+ Take another sewing class
YES! My friend Philly & I took a sewing class and followed a pattern to make pajama pants.

+ Dine at 25 new restaurants (new in that I've never been to them)more details on this goal to follow...
YES! See posts here.

+ Throw a party at our house
Sort of...we had people over for a BBQ this summer and had a casual pre-wedding pumpkin carving get together.

+ Bake more
YES! Evidence here, here, and here.

+ Make date night a weekly ritual
Yep! We usually make dinner together or go out to eat at least once a week.

+ Pull off planning my wedding without getting too stressed out
I actually think I did pretty well at this!

* * *

Now, onto Goals for 2012

+ Drink more water

+ Travel somewhere new

+ Do a better job at separating work and home

+ Continue to try new recipes and bake consistently

+ Try and eat more locally, organically, and sustainably

+ Only buy clothing I love and enjoy wearing (not simply because it's on sale)

+ Try and do some of the projects I've pinned on pinterest

+ Make soup on Sundays

+ Spend as much time as possible with family and friends

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