Restaurant #9 - Brave Horse Tavern

I visited Brave Horse Tavern on a Wednesday night, and liked it so much, I came back on Friday! Brave Horse is the latest restaurant in the Tom Douglas empire. If you're not familiar with the man, he's a Seattle restaurant guru of sorts. On his resume is another one of my fave Seattle eats - Serious Pie. In a nutshell, his restaurants are warm, inviting, and boast excellent food, and Brave Horse was no different.

Situated in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, the place was crawling with folks during the happy hour rush (it's right across from Amazon's new office). I met up with my dad for some brewskis and dinner. Dinner was decent, but the best part of our meal was the appetizer: chewy soft pretzels with dipping sauces. We sampled the pimento cheese, peanut butter bacon, and sour cream and crispy onion, and man, were they delicious!

Of all the restaurants that I've been to this year, this is probably my favorite thus far, not so much for the food, but for the casual ambiance. Darts, shuffleboard, communal tables, and a slough of beers, you really can't go wrong with that on a low key Friday night.

Restaurant rap sheet:
#9 - Brave Horse Tavern
#4 - Po Dog
#2 - Nishino
#1 - June

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