Last night I had a very detailed and vivid dream that Kate Middleton and I were BFF's. We went shopping together at stylish boutiques in London, she gave me fashion advice, I even went over to Kate & William's for dinner! It was the best dream!!

I didn't quite get the imaginative opportunity ot hash out the details of her royal status, I don't even think I registered she was a queen or princess in the dream, as there were no paparazzi tailing us anywhere...but regardless "dream Kate" was very genuine, down to earth, and super fun to hang out with!

And the funny thing is, I was literally just telling my fiance how I rarely have vivid dreams anymore, and lo and behind, I dream I'm Kate Middleton's BFF the same night! Awesome! The silly thing is, even though it was purely fiction, I feel like I know her now, and like her ever more! Haha.

Have you had any celebrity BFF dreams lately?

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