This weekend, fiance and I attended a surprise 30th birthday party. It was our friend Jason's birthday - one of my fiance's closest friends and fellow groomsmen. His fiance had t-shirts made, and we all leapt out and yelled "surprise!" complete with party hats, noise makers, and the whole shebang. He was totally stunned!

We had a BBQ at our other friend's condo before heading to the Sounders Game to the club level - which is all you can eat food and beverages for the entire game. Talk about junk food indulgence, pretty sure I gobbled at least 2 of everything; hot dogs, pretzels, and ugh...does my stomach hate me now! All in all - a great little Saturday!


heather said...

How fun! Club level is the best :)

Holly said...

hubs=fiance? ;) am i missing something :) hehe.

love this though, ive never been to a proper well pulled off surprise party!

Kristin said...

FUN! Club level seats are amazing, we got tickets from my hubby's work a few times last year! I hope to go again this year, Dustin is a HUGE Sounders fan!