Restaurant #3 - Long Provincial

My 2011 Seattle restaurant challenge continues! Saturday night was ladies night out! My friends and I headed to Vietnamese restaurant Long Provincial for a delicious family style dinner. We sipped tangerine martinis and guava champagne, and ordered a spread of dishes that were all spectacular! Tamarind tree rolls, beef lemongrass noodles, coconut curry prawns, lily blossom halibut, and the long provincial crepe - delicious! 3 restaurants down, 22 to go!

Here's a recap
1. June
3. Long Provincial



meghan said...

The tree rolls look delicious. I'm really hungry right now, and now I want some spring rolls. :) Nice job on your continued goal of trying new restaurants! You're moving along so well!

Holly said...

im sorry, im not done salivating over guava champagne yet. yum!

Trudi said...

I love summer rolls - they look wonderful. What an enjoyable challenge to set yourself for 2011.

Tara said...

This food looks amazing! I've been wanting to try Green Leaf's vietnamese food, too, which (I think) is in Seattle's International district.

Enjoy all your restaurant adventures!

the southern hostess said...

This sounds so good! I love hearing about your restaurant adventures.