Dinner Last Night: Cream of Potato Soup

Anyone who knows me know that potatoes are my all-time favorite food.  Hands down!   Mashed, scallops, au gratin, french fries, hash browns, baked, and everything in between, including cream of potato soup.  I've made my way through a handful of potato soup recipes and haven't really been wowed enough to repeat any of them.  But this one's a keeper + it utilizes one of my favorite kitchen tools - the handy-dandy crockpot, which makes it even more appealing in my book.

Add a bit of crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar, and green onions, on top, and holy potato, was it good!  (Note: if you plan to make leftovers, store bacon/toppings in a separate container than soup, otherwise bacon gets gross & soggy - no megusta!).

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