Calligraphy Aficionado

How did I forget to post about this?!  I've decided to pick up a new hobby - calligraphy!  We hired a local Seattle calligrapher to address our wedding invitations, and we were over the moon with the results!  The beautiful script truly enhances an invitation, I was so pleased with the results, I've been eager to try my hand at it ever since!

In late January, my friend Sarah and I took a 2-hour calligraphy class.  And man, let me tell you, calligraphy may look easy, but it is no easy task!  We used the old fashioned style "dip" calligraphy pens with metal nibs.  It took a while to get the hang of it, but inevitably we had a rhythm going.  

Now, at only 2-hours of practice, I'd hardly call myself an expert.  The next step in my plan to to acquire calligraphy supplies of my own and practice, practice, practice!  My long-term goal is that perhaps one day, I'll be experienced enough to make a side-business out of this.  Know anyone who needs a calligrapher?  Contact me in 1-2 years...  Here's hoping!

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