Would You Rather: Beach House or Mountain Cabin?

I'm starting a new "Would You Rather" series.  Day to day plans, dreams, and wonderings I have, and I'd love for you to play along.

My first question, Would you rather have a beach house OR a mountain cabin?  I love dreaming about the future real estate I hope to own someday, so I'm curious what would you pick? I'm torn...

A beach house would be amazing, the soothing sound of the ocean waves lulling you to sleep every night.  Salty air, sand in your toes, sunshine over the outstretch of blue.  I can see it now.


A rustic-chic mountain cabin, nestled in the trees, maybe on a icy mountain creek... Quiet, peaceful, isolated from the craziness of the city.  A place where you can kick back, relax, and let your worries melt away.

Which would you pick?

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