Pants ≠ Capris

I needed this at my sewing class last night! Sewing class: Part 2 was a success. Unfortunately the girl at the fabric store short changed me with fabric, and I ended up with pajama capris instead of pajama pants, but what can you do? I'm beginning to wonder, why does this always happen to tall people like myself? I specifically made a point to explain to the salesgirl I might need extra fabric because of my height. Call me crazy, but I was actually looking forward to one of lifes little luxuries, extra fabric to cover my ankles. Alas, not this time, guess I'll settle for yet another pair of capris...

My capris actually turned out excellent, and they're fairly fitted and attractive as pajama pants, part of which I attribute to my excellent blue and grey polka dot pattern.


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rebecca said...

that's so exciting! oh the money i would save if i could learn a thing or 2.