The 41 Places to Go in 2011

As you know, since I'm always game for anything travel. I was pleasantly surprised to see the New York Times published "The 41 Places to go in 2011." Not sure why *41* was the magic number, but regardless, there are some unique locations topping the list. Another side note: Washington made the list twice, way to represent! Coming in with two locations, #2 San Juan Islands, and #27 Olympic Park, Washington.

While I realize my travel desire usually exceeds my travel budget (insert sad sigh here), and it's unlikely we'd be able to visit all 41 of these Places to see, I picked my top 5 (you know, just in case).

3. Koh Samui, Thailand
4. Iceland
17. Sopot and Gdansk, Poland
19. Hyderabad, India
40. Budapest

So I'm curious, of the NY Times Top*41 list, where would you want to go?

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