Snapshots of Osaka

As I've slowly been blogging snapshots of my trip to Japan, I realized I have yet to write about my first blog-friend meet-up! After announcing I was going to Japan early this year, Vivian of Lost in Translation suggested we meet up, and I thought it to be a grand idea. After some emailing and facebooking... we organized to meet up for a night out in Japan's nightlife capital - Osaka!

Vivian is the first blog friend that I've ever met face-to-face. And we had a fabulous time! I kind of liken meeting and making blog friends to to online dating, (except the goal is friendship of course) :) After months/years of reading each others blogs, leaving comments, you kind of get an idea of the blogger's personality. Well Vivian and I got along wonderfully, as I'd anticipated. Here's a few pics from our night out on the town in Osaka!
P.S. Can you tell we both enjoy throwing around the peace sign?

Question for you all: Have you ever met up with a blogging friend or acquaintance? How did it go?


Diana Mieczan said...

That is so fun...I did meet a blogger friend a few months ago and it was so lovely to spend a few hours with we read eachother blogs daily...we had a sense of who the other person is...It was fun!

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Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh fun!!! i love vivian!

and paddle boarding is soo fun and a lot easier than it looks but a really good workout!

Erin said...

I just met my blogging friend Cassie in England this summer. We had lunch and it was lovely. She was exactly how I expected she'd be and we both wished we had longer to spend chatting (but alas, I had a train to catch back to London)

the chirpy bird said...

The peace sign is a must! I just loved Osaka! Lots of fun looking at your pics!
xo tash

Vivian said...

Oh yay!! Thanks for posting this!!! I had the BEST time in Osaka with you... from running to Family Mart to get some sake and beers and weird snacks... to going dancing at that club... then karaoke all-nighter with my crazy friends... you and Lindsay were so much fun and lovely!!

Great, great memories.

Kim said...

How fun! I met my blog friend Junket Juice (not her real name) a few months ago when I was visiting my hometown (she lives nearby). We had a great time, and it was really awesome to meet someone I'd been communicating with online for so long.

PS - I think I know the redhead in your group picture. Does her name happen to be Lindsay?

thevoyageofv said...

I've never met a blog friend before, but I always imagine that there are some of them that I'd really get along with. So fun to hear the two of you hit it off "in real life"!

Jaclyn said...

How fun it is when the blog world becomes reality, so glad you ladies had fun (love your blog by the way!)

Life Abroad said...

I've never met a blogger in real life, but think that it would be so fun, especially visiting in a different country! I love Vivian's blog! Glad you had a great time in Japan!