World's Strangest Spa Treatments

This month in Travel and Leisure magazine, an article was featured about "World's Strangest Spa Treatments." Curious to see what people consider "strange," I took a look, and low and behold, some people are just plain crazy. Check out a few of these bizarre spa treatments, again, to supposedly relax... When in Venice, get a gondola if having a massage is not awkward enough, being naked and rubbed down by a stranger. Why not go for a naked gondola ride while someone works out your kinks!
Chocolate facial. Hmm...Question, if the concoction accidentally gets on your lips are you supposed to lick it off?
This one is by far the strangest, weirdest, and grossest in my opinion. Fish nibbling. Yes, you heard me correctly. For those too lazy to exfoliate, step into this bath in Malaysia where hundreds of tiny flesh-nibbling fish will eat away at rough skin spots and deep-clean your pores. Eew!! Makes me cringe just to think about. No thank you, I can be bothered to take the time to exfoliate.
Sake bath. Ever thought you liked a type of alcohol so much you'd want to bathe in it? Yeah...not so much. But if that happens to sound appealing, trek on out to Japan for a sake soak. (By the way this spa also offers green tea, coffee, and red wine soaks if you have a fave alternative beverage of choice...).

So, what will it be? If you HAD to pick one of these strange treatments, which one would you go for?

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