As my high school friend and fellow blogger Sara of Miss Jane pointed out to me, I have a minor obsession with chalkboard accessories. Yes, yes, okay...I guess I do. But quite fitting for an elementary school teacher, don't you think?

In case you didn't know, chalkboards (the originals we grew up with), are becoming obsolete. There education community is in mad rush to update, replacing the old-fashioned black & green chalk variety with white boards or interactive technology boards. So in regards to chalkboards, I'll take what remaining goods I can get!! How about these apple chalkies, chalkboard stickers if you will - that you can cut and shape at your leisure. Darling! Thanks Sara for the great find!


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Sara Christine said...

Oh thanks for the link! And I had no idea chalkboards were being phased out! Interactive technology boards? That just sounds plain depressing. :)