Skincare Spotlight: My Daily Face Makeup

This picture encapsulates my daily face makeup routine. I wear these 3 products pretty much everyday.  

What are they, you ask?.
+ Dew Skin (shade #2): Dew skin is a lightly tinted moisturizer with 20 SPF.  It's hydrating and goes on smooth using a blending sponge or in a pinch, your fingers.  It's light enough that you can see freckles beneath it, but helps provide an even finish to minimize pores and create a smoother, dewy glow.  

+ Concealer Touch Up Pen (shade: light): I love this buildable, medium-coverage concealer.  It helps camouflage blemishes and dark spots, and blends evenly into the dew skin. It's a click-pen design, so you only click for as much coverage as you need.

+ Mattifying Powder: This is a loose, colorless powder that seals your look, absorbing shine and providing a smooth matte finish.  And the best part - it lasts all day long.
Most days our routine includes pre-school drop off and pickup, a playdate or two, and afternoon activities.  No need for a lot of makeup so this look is perfect!  You'll usually find me with a few other touches including eyebrow pencil, blush, and mascara, but I feel ready for the day with these three staples on my face. 

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