We just got back from a fun weekend of camping with friends, and are gearing up for a busy week!  Back to school is in the air?  Freshly sharpened bouquets of pencils anyone?  (Name that movie!).

+ currently obsessed with this audiobook...

+ ...and because i've become such a recent superfan, binging on her podcast

+ just finished reading this book, and started this one

+ diffusing these this oil for a calm, zen vibe

+ just discovered these snack bars (less sugar + more protein than kind bars + D/GF)

+ just started using this shampoo, it has a subtle ginger ale scent (sounds weird but smells nice)

+ just started watching this funny show, I'm digging it

+ loving this dress for my girl for back to school

How's your summer wrapping up?  Are you ready for back to school?


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