Saturday Snooze

Happy Friday everyone!  What are you up to?  We're in for a lazy weekend around home, possibly seeing the Blue Angels which are in town for Seattle's annual Seafair.  And I'm excited for a little mom-time with a massage this weekend, woohoo!!!  Have a good one!

+ underestimating the power of gratitude (see, thank you notes are important)

+ fancy a trip to Puglia?  this recap of Matera looks amazing!

+ motherhood in the age of fear

+ the Ringer compiled a list of the 100 best TV episodes on the century (#1 is from my favorite, LOST, and an excellent episode it is!)

+ ever wanted to treasure hunt for real?  this man buried a legit treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains containing rubies, emeralds, gold, and other valuables. thus far, it's never been found!

+ have you been reading about Nia Wilson?  read this.

+ wanting to try this salad

+ this salad also looks kind of amazing


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