Saturday Snooze

What are you up to this weekend?  My mother in law is in town, so we're staying in town, running errands, riding bikes, and just enjoying the warmth and loveliness of August.  

+ these sandwiches look positively scrumptious

+ great podcasts to listen to in the car with kids

+ is it really the end of summer?!  Oh well, here's 10 delicious end of summer salads to make (she has the best ideas!)

+ love the look and color of this casual day dress

+ love the design and color palette of this guest room

+ another itinerary I want to replicate verbatim

+ if you have a dairy sensitivity/intolerance, have you tried grass-fed dairy?  it's working for me!

+ or just skip the dairy altogether with a delish dairy-free mango ice cream, yum!

+ do you follow along on my instagram account yet?  If not, please do!

have a good one!

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