Ditching Plastic Bags

 We're making small changes in our home as we transition away from using traditional plastic containers, saran-wrap, and ziploc bags. We already use glass tupperware for most of our leftovers; favorite brands include PyrexGlasslock, and Wean Green Cubes for smaller portions (ideal for salad dressings, hummus, and peanut butter).

But for the day to day items, like PB & J sandwiches, snacks on the go, sliced apples, you know the foods of everyday life, I've been appreciating Stasher bags, which are made of 100% food grade silicone, self-sealing, eco friendly, and plastic free. Plastics can leach dangerous chemicals and gasses into our food when subjected to heat.  Here's a great article on other sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.  Also consider that every plastic ziploc bag you've ever used still exists today.  It's out there...somewhere, whether in a landfill, or ocean, or garbage heap somewhere.  I find that fact kind of mind boggling.

It’ll be a gradual shift for us as it’s a financial undertaking to make all the changes, and if it's not within your immediate financial means to make the switch, don't fear.  Start small.  Start with glass.  Toss plastic tupperware unless they are pristine!  Meaning no scratches, etches, and definitely containers that have not been microwaved or subjected to hot food - that's where the leaching begins. Plastic #5 is considered the safest for storing food, and if you have other numbers in your plastic tupperware collection, it might be time to toss those as well.  Small steps make a big impact on the environment!

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