Salad Savvy: Mustard Chicken Salad

Truth.  I don't love broccoli. Never have, despite my efforts to force myself to like the nutrient packed green veggie.  However, as I was pureeing broccoli with a bit of potato yesterday for my daughter's lunch, I thought…hmm, I better find some recipes that incorporate broccoli quick so I don't influence a distaste for broccoli in her as well.  Low and behold, Ina Garten to the rescue!  During R's nap time, Miss Ina whipped up mustard chicken salad (which according to the narrative in the show, was a staple in her former Hamptons shop, Barefoot Contessa).  The ingredients are few, and most you probably have in your fridge as I did after a quick Trader Joe's run, with the exception of whole grain mustard, because who has that? 

While I'm not a huge mayo-in-salad fan, this salad feels less mayo-y than others, given the flavors of the mustard and white wine in the dressing.  I wish I'd taken a picture to demonstrate that it wasn't smothered in mayo, but this online shot will have to do.  

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