Fitting Room

Okay, for all you ladies out there…have you ever been in a fitting room, found an item you feel so/so about, or are just not sure you can stealthily pull off…and in desperate need of a second opinion, snap an awkward picture of your outfit in the fitting room mirror, text to a friend/relative/significant other for a second opinion, resulting in an extended fitting room stay as you impatiently linger for a (hopefully) prompt, though not guaranteed reply?  (Sigh) And yes, I realize this is indeed a first world problem.

Solution!  Meet Fitting Room the app for iPhone and android.  In this app, you submit your photo for a group of people who are also sharing their outfits and seeking feedback - basically it's a win-win all around!  It's like shopping with your gaggle of tried and trusted girlfriends who tell you truthfully hot or not.  And my personal favorite, there's an option to blur your face so you can remain anonymous to those providing feedback.  Brilliant!  P.S. Did I mention the app is free!

What do you think?  Would you try out Fitting Room

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