10 Reasons I Love You: 8 Months

{8 Months}

1. You waved bye bye to me at day care!  It was more of an elongated flick of your fingertips, “Miss America” wave, but nonetheless, wave it was!  Just as the door was about to close you lifted up your tiny hand, tipped your fingers upward and shrieked your sweet baby squeal.  Made my day!

2. Perhaps you are preparing for new teeth, but you’ve started this new habit of sucking on your gums.  Every so often we hear this slurping sound, which I assume is anything but you, sucking on the inside of your cheek or gums.  Self discovery, I tell ya!

3. You have inherited a trait of your grandpa Bud - the point.  Bud is famous for his point, thrusting it across many a family member in order to ensure that they don’t miss a thing!  Lately, you are pointing at everything; airplanes, birds, kids, helicopters, leaves even.  You often accompany an enthusiastic point with the word “dair” which Nana swears once came out as “airplane” plain as day.  

4. We took you in the ultimate bath tub - the pool!  Daddy and I took you to your first swim “lesson,” more of a water babies class, but you loved it.  The pool was a touch cooler than I’d anticipated, but you handled the temperature like a champ.  You kicked your feet, and splashed around, and even floated on your back with your ears underwater.  At the end, you were kicking with such gusto, it was obvious you weren’t ready to get out!  Yet, you didn’t seem to mind the relaxing dunk in the hot tub shortly thereafter.  You are a born swimmer girl!

5. We took you on your first zoo outing.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the stroller wheels newly inflated with air, it was quite an adventure!  Now, mom and dad might have enjoyed the animal experience a tad more than you did, however, you were smitten by the duck sighting in the giraffe, lion, and zebra habitat.  Yes, it was those common Northwest bird ducks, not those wild safari animals that captivated your attention as you gleefully cried, “Du!”  “Du!”.  Just another reason why we love you.

6. A big girl you are, as you’ve decided sippy cups are for babies.  After experimenting with several sippy cups, I just tried the cup sans lid, and voila!  You loved it.  I hold the cup up to your lips and you eagerly lean forward opening up your mouth to drink.  You always seem thirsty and Mommy is perfecting the art of tipping the water ever so slightly as to not douse you with cold water (since that’s happened a time or two).

7. You’ve started to enjoy peek-a-boo played around the corner of the bathroom mirror.  Here’s how it goes: we stand at the edge of the wall separating the bathroom and the hallway.  I lean into the bathroom, and look at myself in the mirror and you slyly follow with your eyes, delighting when you see your reflection.  It’s a game of cat and mouse, hide and seek, as I hold you intentionally away so you have to slowly lean to peer around the corner. You love it and giggle endlessly every single time.

8. You are all over your crib these days, flipping on your tummy, propping your feet up against the rails, I think we’ve reached the end of the predictable back sleeping era.  Oh boy!

9. Your love of airplanes has only increased exponentially!  We often go to the park, lay down a blanket, and watch for the path of airplanes crossing the sky. Turns out, we might be living right underneath a popular route, as you’ve now picked up on the sound of the airplane from inside our home, and you often gesture towards the window when a passing airplane passes overhead.  Do I see a future pilot in our midst?

10. You are so anxious to crawl!  Daddy crawls around the floor, and you excitedly slap the ground and rock forward, as if to take off after him.  I can see the wheels turning in your head, as you carefully observe, and mentally make note of all the steps to complete the process.  I think it will only be a short while before you’re ready to move!

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