Bookmarking: this entree and this salad
Wearing: a new top compliments of Stitchfix
Loving: this letterpress shop on easy
Podcasting: a recommendation from my husband
Reading: wish I was reading a book, lately I've just been a magazine girl
Late night snacking: the best sea salt caramel gelato this side of Italy
Hoping to see: this tearjerker



Diana Mieczan said...

Oh yum, I'm totally craving a sea salt caramel gelato right about now:) Have a great morning. xo

Leslie said...

I love that letterpress store! It sounds like life is good right now. :)

heather{land} said...

Yay! I love Wild Ink Press too. She has a nice little bloggity blog as well.

p.s. You need to do a post on Stitch Fix -- I keep thinking about doing it, but have been dragging my feet. I want to know what they sent you and what you thought about it!

birdie to be said...

Thanks for the podcast recommendation. And I hope to see that movie too... just maybe in the privacy of my own home (next to a box of tissues)!