Fair Isle

One of my favorite things about winter is cozy sweaters.  And of the cozy sweaters, I definitely LOVE fair isle sweaters.  Something about them, the thickness, the scratchy soft wool just screams Christmas for me!  This seasons it seems that fair isle is everywhere, which I love!  Here's a few fun fair isle finds from around the web.

+ fair isle cozy knit throw

+ fair isle poncho for baby

+ snowed in fair isle PJ's

+ fair isle sweater dress

+ contrast stripe fair isle scarf

+ fair isle earflap hat

+ fair isle baby tights

Any good fair isle finds you've found?


Diana Mieczan said...

Cozy! I love that gap scarf! It looks beautiful:) xo

Alexa said...

I am so into cozy sweaters for fall! :)

birdie to be said...

Definitely with you on cozy winter wear! Exactly what I posted about today actually :)