Day at the Movies

Yesterday, Riley and I ventured out to a "Mommy and Me" movie!  A local movie theater offers three movie options to moms and babes every Thursday.  There was about 10-12 other moms there, a few fussy moments, but a pleasant experience overall. The best part - when they take your ticket, you're handed a menu to order concessions from your seat!  Isn't that brilliant?  Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves and it was a fun activity for mommy, although Riley was definitely intrigued by the screen.
We saw the movie "About Time," with Rachel McAdams, one of my favorite actresses.  When I heard this movie had the same director as Notting Hill and Love Actually, I knew I'd like it.  I do love me a British dramedy!  It's a sweet movie, and a perfect first movie out for a new mom, there's a few sentimental anecdotes about parenting that hit home for me.

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