10 Reasons Why I Love You

1. I love how when you're sleeping in our arms or lap, your hands fold gently across your chest, one atop the other.  It's the sweetest thing to watch when you sleep, you look so peaceful and content.  The soft folds of your hands, the smoothness of your sweet skin, I could stare at little baby hands all day long and be wholeheartedly content.

2. You've found your thumb!  After we put you to bed one night, but before we retired ourselves, we heard this loud sucking sound coming from your crib.  I tiptoed in to check on you, and there you were, sucking your little left thumb with gusto.  I hissed at your dad to come in and see, and together we quietly leaned over the edge of your crib, watching you in awe, so proud of your feat.  It's truly amazing how you're already learning and discovering new things for yourself.  Now, a few weeks later, as you're getting more skilled at consistently finding your thumb, you had this adorable habit of sucking your thumb with one hand, and twirling your hair with the other.  It's the sweetest!

3. You've become such a talker, you coo, and smile, and flirt.  It's as if we're having a secret conversation that no one else understands.  Your dad and I have been trying to capture this magic on video for a few weeks now, and I finally got it.  You cooed, smiled, and babbled up a storm.  I've watched that clip on repeat.

4. Oh, how I love your snuggle!  At our mommy and me movie, after I burped you, you curled up on my shoulder, and nuzzled into the soft fabric of my shirt, burrowing your head around until you found that sweet, comfy spot.  With one arm curled around my back, the other resting across my chest, your eyelids grew heavy, your head grew heavy on my shoulder, and you snuggled in for a good nap.  I love  these moments, the closeness of your heartbeat against mine, your warm breath against my neck, our heads nestled against each other in pure bliss.  You can nap on me anywhere, anytime sweet girl.

5. I love your smile, you are such a happy baby!  When we tickle and smile at you, your gummy grin lights up right back at us.  You also love to smile in your sleep, it makes me wonder what you're thinking and dreaming about.

6. You have the cutest little rolls on your wrists, it's the perfect little fold of skin, right where your arm and hand meet.  It's as if you have a rubber band or hair tie right folded right at the crease of this joint.   It's such a small detail, but I love it.

7. You are soo long! At your two month check up this week, the doctor exclaimed, "She's so long!" You are topping the charts at 24 1/4 inches!  Officially in the 95th percentile for your age, you're going to be a tall girl just like your mom!  You're a long and lean little baby, growing more everyday.

8. Turns out, the love for the Detroit Tigers pacifier was short lived, your dad and I joke that you're a fair weather fan, as you gave up your fondness for it shortly after they lost to the Red Sox.  Your latest interest, your lamb Wubbanub, affectionately known as "Lambie."  If we're out and you're feeling fussy, you can bet mom and dad are scrambling going, "Where's Lambie, do you have Lambie?"  However, Lambie does play second fiddle to the built in soother known as your thumb, occasionally we'll find Lambie (who we left on your chest, mid suckle), thrown across your crib in the middle of the night.  Guess there's no substitute for the real thing!

9. You're an active little one.  Lately, the changing table has become center stage for windmill arm and leg acrobatics, kick, kick, kickin' and flailing all around.  It's a mini workout on your back.  We love watching you play.

10. You think mommy is hilarious!  One of our new morning routines is for you to gently rock in the swing, while I playfully dance around the room in faux ballet poses and stretches.  It's a sight to see, let me tell you :)  You smile and crinkle your eyes when I goofily dance around, while you wave and kick and coo happily, amused and entertained by my silly antics.
Mommy appreciates this vote of confidence, by the way.  Love having you by my side. :)
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