Paleo or Bust

Woohoo, we are back on the making dinner bandwagon!  With our little one almost 3 months, it's high time we start using our kitchen more frequently for its intended purposes!  What kick-started this return to cooking was my husband and my decision to try eating Paleo.  Perhaps you've heard this buzz word mentioned before - Paleo for all intents and purposes is eating whole foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would've thrived on, i.e. meat and vegetables - no grains, no dairy, no processed anything.  

Sounds intense, right?  Well, my husband has been excited about this since he learned about this way of eating through CrossFit, and I've decided to try it as well, after educating myself about wheat and its negative effects on the digestive system via the book Wheat Belly.  Many people recommend jumping into the Paleo lifestyle headfirst, literally throwing out anything processed from your cupboards.  While we've made some changes, not restocking once necessary items, we've decided to take a slower, steadier approach.  However, we've unanimously agreed to refrain from omitting beer, wine, and chocolate.  Because you just gotta indulge a little, right?

Anyway - our first official made at home Paleo dinner was last night - an amazing roasted pork tenderloin, stuffed with a mushroom, bacon, spinach, garlicky concoction....Mmmamazing!  Not only was it flavorful, but the pork was moist and cooked perfectly, always a plus in my book!  We're currently whipping up Paleo stuffed acorn squashes tonight, I'll report back tomorrow...

Anyone else out there eating Paleo?  Please share your favorite recipes!

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