Target Finds

I made a massive Target run today, and had plenty of loot to show for it!  Don't you just love Target?  I do, a little too much I fear... I've taken up the habit of making explicit, finite lists of what I need before I enter the premises, otherwise I end up leaving arms loaded up with unnecessary goods. Some of my better finds from this excursion include...

Orla Kiely Method soap - I'm always a sucker for eye-catching packaging, and the patterns adorning these bottles are simply lovely!  Even the flavors are fancy - vanilla chai, bay leaf, and primrose hand soap + ginger peach countertop spray.  I took the opportunity to play around with my new camera to photograph their colorful, whimsical designs.  Thanks Holly for the insider tip!
 Revlon ColorBurst lip butters - these are A-MAZING!  Take the texture of Chapstick and pair with rich, luscious color.  The lipstick goes on creamy and smooth, and the shades vary from matte to shimmery.  My personal faves are peach parfait (shimmer), berry smoothie (matte), and candy apple (matte).  Plus, they are $7, which you can't beat for a good lipstick.
Mrs. Meyer's dishwashing soap - the best!  They always come out with the best scents and there are always new scents entering the mix.  My most recent favorite - honeysuckle.  Sweet + clean!
Leopard pumps!  These were definitely a last minute, impulse purchase, but I thought they were fun for fall!
Any chance you also find yourself adding random or surprise items into your basket during your adventures shopping here?

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