Phone Talker

Did you read Joanna's post about talking to friends on the phone?  It got me to thinking how many people I actually talk on the phone to (on a regular basis).  My husband, parents, my sisters, and two out-of-state college girlfriends...  Even though most of my friends live in my same city, I realize we rarely talk on the phone.  Yes, we email and we text...but, is that really the same as a good old phone conversation?

 I know many people abhor talking on the phone, but I've always been a phone talker.  In middle school, talking on the phone to friends (after I had just seen them earlier in the day at school, mind you) was THE THING to do.  Of course, this was back before having call-waiting was the universal standard, and my parents used to hem and haw at me over constantly occupying the house line.  I can picture my 13-year old self, knees bent, feet propped up on the desk, rocking back in my chair, while twisting and knotting the curly white phone cord around in my fingers.  I'm not sure what we spent all those hours actually discussing, but those conversations were of the utmost value and significance to me at the time.   I even asked my parents if I could have my own phone line as a birthday gift, to which they scoffed and decidedly replied, absolutely not!

I really like Joanna's tip for the 5-minute phone call, that way there's that verbal connection that seems so much more personal and connected that a 10-15 worded text.  A shout out to my friends, be forewarned, I may try and call you next time, I realize not all of you are phone talkers, but how hard is 5 minutes, right? 

Do you talk much on the phone?  Or do you prefer texting/emailing?


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