Last Great Book I Read

I have a double dose of "Last Great Book I Read" for you today, since I've been trying to maximize my last few weeks of summer vacation by catching up on my reading.  

I Never Promised You A Goodie Bag by Jennifer Gilbert
This book hooked me right away, always a good sign!  This memoir details the life of Jennifer Gilbert, a groundbreaking female entrepreneur working the event circuit in NYC. Gilbert shares her experiences about a violent event that happened to her in her young adulthood, moving on, letting go, and learning how to really live.  Throughout the memoir, she speaks candidly about all of the insecurities behind her wildly successful facade in refreshingly honest, relatable way. Highly recommend!
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
This book is topping the bestseller charts right now, and I now understand why. I devoured this book, seriously, I read this in less than 48 hours!  It is an incredibly engaging, often dark read, peppered by endless unpredictable twists and turns throughout.   The chapters alternate narrators in sequence, so the back and forth point of view keeps you anxiously hanging on for more.  Not sure how I feel about the ending, but this book is a page turner if there ever was one!

 What have you been reading lately?

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