Olympics Link Love - Part 2

So excited for Nathan Adrian, gold medalist in the 100 meter freestyle, representing Washington state, the unofficial hometown hero!  Adrian hails from Bremerton, Washington (a short ferry ride outside of Seattle), so he's definitely representing our fair state at the Olympics!

I know you're probably sick of my Olympic posts, but in light of emotion, energy, and enthusiasm surrounding the games, I simply couldn't resist!

+ Love Samsung's pass the torch via phone - can someone please make this a real app??

+ Kate and Will show their spirit by doing the wave during tennis match

+ Olympic entertaining - edible flaming torch veggie appetizer

+ The inside scoop on Olympic trampolining

+ Very cool "Fab Five" time lapse photo

+ A peek at Horse Guards Beach (Olympic beach volleyball arena) - check out the skyline!  (Also, did you hear, apparently the rowdy crowd at the Olympic beach volleyball match was asked to "keep the noise down" during the Prime Minister's nap!)

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