I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This...

What did we do before Pinterest?

One of my best friends was pretty reluctant to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  After attempting to persuade her for many moons, I finally made a convincing case to join, and she caved and joined the club.  

Thank goodness, because she came up with a superb board idea!   In addition to the usual "recipe board" or "pretty things board," she created one called "I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This,"basically a collection of favorite items she would love to receive for her birthday.  In a snap, she forwarded on this easily accessible wish-list to  her boyfriend and parents.  Voila - built in gift gratification.  
Brilliant, isn't it?

Since then, I have created my own board, also appropriately titled, "I Won't Mind If You Buy Me This," and conveniently sent my husband a link.  Right now these Valentine-inspired Toms are topping my list.  I highly suggest you create a board and do the same, it might just work in your favor.


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