Crash & Burn

This weekend my friends and I took advantage of the glorious Seattle weather (cloudless skies and high 80's/low 90's) and went on out the boat for some quality wakeboarding. Wakeboarding for those of you who aren't familiar is essentially being pulled on a snowboard like contraption behind a boat. The water was intensely choppy due to the fact that every time there's sun in Seattle, everyone takes full advantage - scrambling to secure a spot in it's wake. As such, the boats on the lake were plentiful (to say the least).

Our wakeboarding adventure turned was fabulous - sans my unbelievable crash and burn. This faceplant was legendary, I don't think I've ever fallen so hard in my life! Let me give you a visual to sum up the crashing and burning that was had.

WHAT TO DO...This is what a wakeboarder should look like...WHAT NOT TO DO...This is about what I looked like (I imagine)Try at your own risk!



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

ohhh ouch! Sounds like fun though (minus the crash!)

Unknown said...

hahaha- poor Mich