Survival Kit

Meet the bridesmaid's survival kit, perfect for the back-to-back bridesmaid like myself. Not only is the packaging flirty, feminine, and aesthetically pleasing, but this handy dandy kit includes a plethora of lest-I-forget wedding day staples. Contents include:

- Folding Hair Brush with Mirror
- Hair Spray
- Clear Elastics
- Bobby Pins
- Earring Backs
- Emery Board
- Clear Nail Polish
- Mending Kit
- Double-Sided Tape
- Stain Remover
- Static Remover
- Breath Freshener
- Deodorant Wipe
- Tampon
- Adhesive Bandages
- Pain Reliever
- Handkerchief
- Dancing Socks

Check out the other nifty survival kits also by Ms. & Mrs. My second favorite is the cheerleader's survival guide, perfect in the event of a cheer emergency...