My Queue

With my surgery leaving me not quite bedridden, more "couch-ridden" if you will, I'm dashing through my Blockbuster queue at lightening speed. So far, I've watched...

1. Juno
2. 27 Dresses
3. Akeelah and the Bee (my mom rented this one)...
...and last, but certainly not least...
4. Lars and the Real Girl

Have to say, wasn't sure what to expect... However this movie turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable; intriguing character development, entertaining scenes with an appropriate dose of awkward, and a heartwarming undertone that really kept me engaged. My vote, definitely worth a rental. Anyone have any more movie recommendations for me?



Jane said...

Are you ok, Michelle? Thinking of you.

Have you seen the movie Once? I highly recommend it.


Sara Christine said...

Have you seen "Dan In Real Life?" It was delightful. I've watched it twice this week. :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery!