Cupcake Bites

Last Sunday, my mom, aunt, grandma and I had a "Quatro-de-Mayo" cupcake sampling party. My mom invested in a tiered cupcake tree for the upcoming bridal shower we are co-hosting, and we decided that before we stack it full of treats, we ought to sample the various cupcake varieties, to ensure our guests have a the sweetest experience possible.

I've mentioned locale Seattle cupcake phenomenon Cupcake Royale in posts past, but when it comes to me and cupcakes, Red Velvet takes the cake. However, at our sampling, we did encounter a few new flavors that might give good ol' Red a run for their money; including Carrot Cake, Dreamsicle, and most surprising of all, Lavender! Yes indeed, CR swears that lavender buds are mixed right in the the buttercream frosting.

With our menu solidified, I'll be sure to keep you posted on which flavor is deemed the shower favorite.



I ♥ You said...

that dreamsicle one has me seeing stars! yummy!

Sara Christine said...

I LUST for Cupcake Royale. Did the cupcake really taste like lavender? I had lavender-dusted almonds at this shi-shi Napa vegan restaurant, and it was an odd sensation to taste lavender instead of smell it. In cupcake form though, anything tastes good!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...