I've Been Tagged

It seems I have been tagged by an old high school pal of mine, Sara of the delightful blog Miss Jane...

Here Goes Nothing!

What was I doing 10 years ago
I was a freshman in high school...just learning how to drive, guarding my learner's permit like it was my J-O-B, stressing over the fact that every day was a free dress day (speaking as someone who had come from the consistency of a a black-watch plaid skirt & cardigan uniform for 4 years prior), routinely singing Ookii-Nataiko with Okada Sensei, attaining a Varsity letter in track, and crashing and burning with various crushes...

5 things on my to-do list today
(1) Rearrange my furniture, trying to make that new IKEA dresser mesh seamlessly into my living room.
(2) Fine tune my lesson plan for tomorrow.

(3) Email parents about our upcoming field trip.
(4) Return this heinous dress I bought online, online shopping is so hit or miss!

(5) Making dinner

Snacks I enjoy
Chips + guacamole, gummy cherries, dark chocolate, & French fries.

Things I would do if I was a billionaire
Travel EVERYWHERE I could before getting burnt out from traveling. My current travel-lust destinations are Machu Picchu-Peru, Tokyo-Japan, Galway/Dingle/Dublin-Ireland, and
Curacao-Caribbean... (among others)

Places I have lived
Southern California and Seattle (& surrounding area)

People I want to know more about
I *Heart* You& DeeDee
...tag, you're it!


Nicole Marie said...

hahaha totally understand about free dress days!

Sara Christine said...

Ookii-Nataiko! OMG! Remember the frog song? Kero kero kero kero, kwa, kwa, kwa...Those were the days. Haha