To Wedge Or Not to Wedge?

My June bridesmaid turn is rapidly approaching, and our lovely bride Baillie just informed us bridesmaids that the aisle we will be walking down is grass. Given what an important day this is for my friend, I'd hate to wear high heels that continually get stuck as I'm walking down the aisle - which would not only be annoying for me, but would ultimately prolong the bride's anticipated entrance (not good).

So my question to my readers is: to wedge or not to wedge? Our dresses are black and Baillie has graciously given us free reign on shoe selection. Anyone have experience walking elegantly in heels on grass? I'm looking for any help I can get: suggestions, recommendations, anything. Pretty please!
Check out the shoes the bride herself is wearing under her white dress. Pretty snazzy, and not only are they super cute, but they double as her something blue!



Unknown said...

michelle you crack me up

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

ohhh we can totally find you some cute wedge shoes!