Anthropologie is one of the catalogs I look forward to getting in the mail. Their clothes are always seasonally chic and gorgeous (though outrageously expensive), and their photo shoots are effortlessly exquisite time after time.

I usually circle about 5-6 items in the catalog that I love at first glance. More often than not I end up recycling the catalog. However, on occasion, after I've made it into the store, searched high and low for those 5-6 pieces I've been eyeing, and and tried them on, I end up liking maybe 1, (if I'm lucky)... Then it becomes a dilemma between me and my wallet - to buy the shirt thats a little out of my price range, but oh-so-cute? Or pass up and wish I'd purchased it when I see it on someone else weeks later...

If Anthropologie clothes came at Forever 21 prices, I'd be in heaven!


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