Write That on the Chalkboard!

Who said chalkboards were just for school? (Actually, most schools don't even use chalkboards anymore, white boards are becoming the norm...). I was first introduced to this chalkboard-in-the-home concept a year or so ago, when I attended a bridal shower at a colleague's home. Her family I knew was artistically inclined, and to indulge their creative juices, they had painted an entire wall of the family kitchen, floor to ceiling with chalkboard paint. When we arrived for the party, the wall had been transformed into a lion's den. The wall was marked by a playful, full-maned lion, ready to pounce. It was such a personal touch to add to such a communal space, I immediately thought the idea was ingenious!

In addition to the art, was a small calendar, and day-to-day routine reminders, "buy eggs," "baseball practice at 3:30," allowing this wall to also act as a functional schedule. Martha Stewart echoes this idea, even giving some tips on how to make your own custom chalkboard paint. Try it in your home! image/marthastewart

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Sara Christine said...

I am so phobic of fingernails on chalkboards. It's such an adorable idea, but I could never do it. I would shudder everytime I walked by!